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Multi-Chain Security as a Service

LWorks Security, a multi-chain solution for advanced threat protection, drives real-time event detection with automated threat response.

LWorks complements existing necessary Web3 security efforts including source code review and post event investigations.

By leveraging the same public and real time data characteristics our adversaries are exploiting, to expand security programs with real time monitoring and response capabilities.

The Problem

Web3 | DeFi evolution has left crypto
businesses vulnerable

The success and rapid growth of DeFi has expanded our attack surface or risk. This increasing risk has outpaced the current maturity of Web3 security leaving crypto businesses vulnerable.  

While Web3 security focuses on code review, our adversaries leverage public and real-time data characteristics of Web3 to exploit discovered vulnerabilities.

The Solution

Effective, early, and rapid event detection and response are essential to a Web3 security program

Security in Web3 must move beyond the source code review and post event investigations which are necessary for a robust security and risk management program but not sufficient.

Leveraging the same public and real time data characteristics our adversaries are exploiting, Security programs must implement effective, early, and rapid event detection and response processes.

Lworks Security

LWorks Security allows Web3 companies to monitor accounts, assets, and activities of interest to rapidly detect and respond to events

LWorks Security platform ingest ledger data in real-time, applying a rich set of security event and incident detection rules at scale. These rules include not just active sensors but forward chaining rules to conduct automated real-time investigations based on anomaly detection.

Addressing key threats experienced by:

  • DeFi Protocols and related Crypto Native Companies
  • Exchanges, Gaming and Gambling entities
  • Corporate customers protecting key assets and accounts

LWorks Security’s comprehensive threat detection, not only detects a potential attack, but initiates in real time a set of automated forward chained assessments to rapidly determine the appropriate response. For example, a large loan request might not be a high risk event on its own, but when viewed in the context of the requesting account, source and history of the collateral, and other risk factors; the loan request may be clearly malicious.

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